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Central Vacuum Systems

Functioning by suction, central vacuum systems remove granules and large particles from areas where the dust has settled out of the air and maintenance and clean up are vital to product quality, product recovery and worker safety. Wet and dry systems are available and be used in hospital operating rooms, dental hospitals, pharmaceutical packaging plants and anywhere dust is generated.

Spencer Central Vacuum System
Spencer Central Vacuum Systems

Large Spencer system has 27 standard overhung vacuum producers arranged in tiers (right), connected to a bank of five centrifugal separators and six tubular bag separators, to serve a cleanroom facility for automated computer disk production.

Spencer Vortex Regenerative Blowers
Vortex Regenerative Blowers®
by The Spencer Turbine Company®

Spencer Central Vacuum Systems
Spencer 30" standard overhung vacuum producer, 36" tubular bag separator and 24-gallon portable wet separator (not shown) form a wet/ dry central vacuum system.

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