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A solution to noise control problems either from fans, blowers or other machines that radiate noise is available by using silencers and other noise abatement devices. Air Systems Engineering supplies silencers to meet local codes to absorb the sound generated.

Industrial Fan Silencers
Industrial Fan Silencers
The internal configuration of this model silencer is designed so that the silencer exit matches the fan inlet box thereby eliminating the need for a separate transition. The silencer includes a galvanized mesh inlet screen, silencer section and a discharge flange drilled to match your inlet box.

Vaneaxial Fan Silencers
Vaneaxial Fan Silencers
The Aeroacoustic "Silentflow" vanaxial fan silencers are acoustically and aerodynamically correct for reducing the noise emanating from the inlet and/or discharge of vaneaxial fans. These silencers are exactly tuned for the very specific noise characteristics of the vaneaxial fans.

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